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Magalluf Bar Guide

Shagalluf’s Magaluf bar guide shows you the places to relax, unwind or party hard on your holiday to Magaluf.

The bars in Magaluf are as hugely varied as the people that visit them. Magaluf bars always have a massive variety of cheap drink offers, opening times, bar themes and vibes making sure that on the Magaluf strip and beyond you’ll be sure find a bar that fits in with the kind of holiday that you and your party want to have.

Start investigating the bars that you will visit on your Magaluf Holiday here. On this page you can see Shagalluf’s tips for some of Magaluf’s best bars.

Click on “More Info” to investigate each bar further and find detailed information about their drinks promos, the kind of music they play and the hours that you can get in to party!

Balmoral Bar

The Balmoral Bar established in 1984, a great place for all your sport events and fun! Situated near the Sol Mallorca Beach Hotel and the HM Martinique.
A great choice for all….! See you there.
Click here for more about Balmoral Bar in Magaluf!

Baywatch Bar

Baywatch Bar in BCM square

Whether you are looking to enjoy some chill out time on the outside terrace or some uplifting tunes inside, this versatile bar offers both. Enjoy watching the male/female exotic dancers or for a dare why not indulge in the “body shots” on offer (no touching allowed). Click here for more about Baywatch Bar!

Jack Daniels Bar

BCM Fun Bar

BCM Fun Bar is the Pre Club bar of the BCM Planet Dance Empire The BCM Fun Bar is situated half way up the strip on the right. You can get your tickets here for the BCM nightclubs. A great pre club bar with lots of tunes!
Click here for more about BCM Fun Bar!

BCM Sports Bar

BCM Sports Bar in BCM square

The BCM sports bar is situated , right behind The BCM Club and next to the Baywatch bar. The first thing you will notice about this café is the HUGE TV screen outside…

Click here for more about BCM Sports Bar!

Bonkers Pub

Bonkers Pub

Bonkers is a very lively fun bar on the centre of the strip. The music is RnB, Electro and Club Classics with a great atmosphere. Check it out and be part of it.
Click here for more about Bonkers Pub!

Coco Bongos Bar

Coco Bongos Bar is a new bar in Magalluf with lots of fun, great deals and of course the one and only Bucking Buffalo! You find Coco Bongos near the Sol Trinidad and The Sol Jaimaca hotels.
A great choice for all….! See you there.
Click here for more about the Coco Bongos Bar in Magaluf!

Chaplin’s Bar

Chaplin’s Bar

Situated right in the middle of the hill (strip), a must visit in Magalluf, best known for the party games before midnight and all the top tunes until 4 am
Click here for more about Chaplin’s Bar

City Lights Karaoke Bar

The first bar on the Magaluf Strip, a great start for your party with the best Karaoke Tunes in town!
Click here for more about City Lights

Club 21

Club 21

The New Club 21, three quarters of the way up the main Magaluf strip, right on a corner with great views from the terrace overlooking most of the top end of the Magalluf strip! Club 21 is fully air conditioned…

Click here for more about Club 21

Crystal’s Bar Magaluf

Crystal’s Bar is one of the oldest bar on the Magalluf Strip. Bigger and better then ever before after their complete refurbishment.

The host Ryan and his team will make sure your welcome and if needed guide you all the way in to the bar and make sure the friendly bar staff will serve your drinks! A must visit for all! Click here for more about Crystal’s Bar in Magaluf

Fubar Lounge Bar

The Fubar live lounge bar is a great place to have a drink. Its situated in the top part of Magaluf, just opposite the Hotel Lively. Its a fairly large bar with a superb terrace where you can just chill and watch the world go by. The aircon keeps it nice and cool inside and there is a complete setup for live jam sessions including a drum kit and electric guitar.
Click here for more about Fubar Live Lounge Bar!

Icon Bar Magaluf

Icon Pre Club Bar

The MCP Pre Club Bar Icon, situated further up the Magaluf Strip on the right just before the Boomerang Nightclub.

Cool pre club bar with plenty of atmosphere, great tunes and lots of parties.Click here for more about ICON Bar!

Jack Daniels Bar

Jack Daniels Bar

Jack Daniels Bar Magaluf, an open air terrace bar just up the strip on the right. Great place to have a drink on the outside terrace and take five! This bar is new for 2010 in Magaluf! Click here for more about Jack Daniels Bar!

Jumpin Jaks Party Bar

Jumpin Jaks Party Bar

Jumpin Jaks party bar on the strip, with two fully stocked bars with a large variety of alco pops and a nice selection of top shelf spirits. On draft they have Guiness and Carling premium just to name a few.

Click here for more about Jumpin jaks

Lennon’s Bar Magaluf

Lennon’s Bar in Magalluf, half way up the Magalluf main strip on the right. You cant miss it, with its large terrace and the blue neon lights. Lennon’s bar has a great variety of drinks on offer and the music will get any one on the dance floor.
One of our favourite hang outs! See you there!
Click here for more about Lennonsl Bar in Magaluf!

Linekers Sports Bar Magaluf

The name says it all!! Every great holiday resort has one!
The best bar for all live sporting events.
The No.1 venue to party till the early hours.
The perfect spot for an afternoon drink in the sunshine!
Click here for more about Linekers bar!

Mambo’s Terrace Bar Magaluf

Mambo’s Terrace right in the heart of Magalluf!
One of the view open air terrace bars in Magalluf, Mambo’s is a great place to hang out either day or night. Superb drink offers and great service is their motto! The mechanical bull for a laugh and a gigantic TV screen for all the action. Be warned dont get Rogered!
Click here for more about Mambo’s Terrace Bar Magaluf!

Revolution Disco Pub

Revolution Disco Pub

Revolution is now well established and has become a definite pit stop while visiting the famous strip in Magaluf. It is a big hit for the tourists and residents, with great sound and plenty of top tunes played by the resident DJ’s Carl & Richie.

Click here for more about Revolution

Stereo Bar Magaluf

The brand new Stereo Bar, the first bar on the Magaluf Strip! Stereo Bar cant be missed when walking around in the evening! Food, Cocktails, Great Staff and a large terrace. Right next to the Wave HouseClick here for more about Stereo Bar

Sugar Bar Magaluf

Sugar Bar Magaluf is the second bar on the Magaluf Strip, a great meeting place and starting point for your night out. Well worth a visit! Click here for more about the Sugar Bar in Magaluf

The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms in Magalluf is situated further up the Magaluf Strip. Its near the Bungee Rocket next to the Pharmacy. With a great terrace overlooking the Magalluf main strip.
A great place for all….! See you there.
Click here for more about The Kings Arms in Magaluf!

Three lions Pub

The Three Lions Pub

One of the most popular bars on the strip, with a good atmosphere and open throughout the day till the early hours. The Three Lions shows all the major sporting events and are shown live in surround sound on the big screen as well as comedy and music dvds in the daytime. Click here for more about The Three Lions

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