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Welcome to the largest online photo gallery for Magaluf ( Magalluf), Palma Nova and surroundings.

A fantastic range of photos have been taken by the Shagalluf photo team during their weekly visits to Magaluf and Palmanova and uploaded here after popular demand from holidaymakers in Mallorca. Browse the photos by clicking on the relevant year or the date on the albums. As many fabulous events as possible are photographed each year on the magical island of Mallorca, and by clicking on an album in the gallery you can browse all the images taken at a particular event, club, bar, restaurant or party venue. All the cool workers parties are featured, including the infamous annual Daiquiri 4th of July celebrations in Magaluf and the Workers Oscar´s nominations, plus the incredible Workers Boat Parties. If you were there, but can´t remember the whole event, take a look at our fab photos to remind yourselves of some of the best annual events in Magalluf and Palma Nova. Magalluf and Palmanova are resorts for all seasons, and our massive collection of images show hundreds of tourists and workers enjoying this wild isle throughout the year.

If you are interested in a copy of any of the photos to keep as a souvenir of your holiday or a keepsake of your working life in Mallorca, then just add the image to the shopping cart and follow ordering procedures. The prices are next to the photo print size. The images are of high quality and easy can make prints up to A4 and larger.

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How the photo gallery works for you

Please bear in mind that image copyright of all the images is with Shagalluf. All images shown are a downsized sample of the original, and the photos have all been taken with professional cameras, producing very high quality images.

Ordered copies are high resolution originals and are a minimum of 1600×1000 pixels, which gives you a maximum print size of 20 x 30cm without any loss of quality. If you require a larger print or have some other requests then please contact us directly.

If you want to use any of our images in a magazine, website or publication, contact us via our contact form as all images are copyright protected. If you object to any of the photographs in our gallery or you feel they should not be included, please let us know.

The Shagalluf team photographers are out every day of the week during the summer season to snap holidaymakers, workers, clubbers, revellers and partygoers at different locations in and around Magalluf and Palma Nova.

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