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Magaluf Hotels

Welcome to our Hotels, Apartments and Hostels Guide. We have plenty of general information on the various types of accommodation for you to read so you can understand a little on what each has to offer and what would suit you most.

For the ones that are looking for a youth holiday in Magaluf there are some great deals for you, check online and find a deal that suits you then you can book direct and save money! Once you have booked your accomodation just arrange the flights and airport transfer and enjoy the holidays!

Hotels around Magaluf and Palma Nova

There are many Travel Companies such as Thomson TUI, Thomas Cook and First Choice that offer some great holiday deals especially during the low season, just before and after the summer.

Do expect to pay much higher prices for holidays and hotels during the main summer season that starts in June until the end of August.
We have direct booking deals with most of the popular hotels and apartment complexes in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova. Just click on any of the logo’s above for the best deals!

Some hotels are more suitable for families while others just offer that little bit more for the younger ones among us.

Some who visit the Island of Mallorca are simply not interested where they actually sleep, as most of their nights they end up discovering the great night life there is to offer in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova and of course Palma de capital itself.

All their needs could be is a budget priced hostel or a lower rated hotel or apartment for some good rest and a cool shower or bath, to be fully refreshed for another night out to enjoy the many bars, restaurants and night clubs.

In general all the accommodation is pretty up to standard but you get what you pay for. The food in most hotels is ok with a large and well selected menu that normally rotates on a weekly or even a two week basis.

hotels around magaluf and palma novaMost of the hotels and apartments have been refurbished and offer a large variety of services including a swimming pool area, day and evening entertainment either by the hotel entertainment team or a professional act. Rental of various electrical appliances such as kettles and fans even internet access is now seen in most of the hotel and apartment complexes in the resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova.

If you do not fancy a package holiday then do not hesitate to contact the hotels or apartments directly for a direct booking without a travel agent in the middle, of course by choosing this method you yourself will be responsible for all your own travel arrangements such as insurance and airport transfers.

You can also check out the websites of all the major tour operators where they can offer separate accommodation, flights and transfer options rather than pay the full package price.

Whatever your choice might be for your stay, we would like to wish you a great holiday with plenty of chill out time and we hope that you enjoy the island of Mallorca just as much as we do.

Hotels in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova

hotel cala vinas near magalufThis is the choice for the traveller that likes to be spoiled during their holiday and has most things provided by the hotel.

Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis including a frequent change of bed linen and towels. In most cases the hotel provides a twenty four hour reception area, restaurant, and swimming pool area with snack bar. With of course waiter service in the bar areas.

Most hotels offer a full entertainment program for all ages including a miniclub or creche for the smaller ones in the family. We advise to check brochures or with your travel agent for more information on the entertainment provided.

In general hotel entertainment exists out of mix and mingles sportive events and fun games in and around the pool areas. During the early evening most hotels provide kids disco time followed by musical and variety shows filled with games and music.

Rooms and meals are normally booked well in advance to avoid disappointment. If there are rooms with sea views available and you would like one, then we advise to specify this when you book your holiday. In most cases there is an extra charge for a sea view.

Hostels (Hostals) in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova

hostels around magaluf and palma novaThere are a few hostels in and around Magaluf that are simple and basic.

They normally offer standard rooms with little or no extra facilities besides the standard shower or bath. In some cases there will be no swimming pool area or a twenty four hour reception service.

It is a perfect solution for those who are just passing through the resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova and are not in the need of a full facility holiday accommodation that of course comes with a more expensive price tag.

Apartments in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova

apartment complexes around magaluf and palma novaThe more popular apartment complexes are spread throughout the resorts and are in demand with those who like to have more control of their culinary needs and not have that feeling being restricted to the times of the scheduled meals in the hotel restaurants.

Most apartments come with a fully operational kitchen including pots and pans, cutlery, toaster, kettle and microwave ovens.

Some apartments have no extra facilities such as a pool area and room service.

We advise you to read the brochures thoroughly or ask the provider of the apartment for any additional extras provided.

ApartHotels in and around Magaluf and Palma Nova

aparthotels around magaluf and palma novaA great choice for those who like the advantages of an apartment accommodation with all the services a hotel normally provides such as a pool area, entertainment during the day and night and of course cleaning of the rooms by the hotel staff.

All extras can easily be booked through reception such as breakfast and dinner. In most cases there is also a snack bar around the pool for those who feel like a quick bite for lunch.

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