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Jobs in Magaluf

Thousands of holidaymakers flock to Magaluf every year to enjoy the sun, sand and sangria, and some decide to stay for summer, find jobs and get paid for being here.

Although the wages in Magaluf won´t make you a millionaire, there is still fierce competition for jobs, particularly in bars and restaurants. If you want to work hard and party hard, Magaluf is the perfect resort to spend the summer. In this section, gives you information about living and working in Magaluf.

Below are some helpful tips about working and living in Magaluf or Palmanova. Although we include general information about jobs in Magaluf and Mallorca, we cannot give specific information about vacancies. 

Remember to check out our Magaluf forum (message board) if you are looking for more help and advice about jobs in Mallorca.

Summer Jobs in Magaluf (Majorca)

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Working the summer season in Mallorca can be great fun or a complete nightmare. Try to organise employment before you arrive, by e-mailing or calling any contacts you may already have in Magaluf and Mallorca.

If you are planning to visit Mallorca for the first time, arrange accommodation before you go, and take enough money to last in case you don´t find a job straight away. Make sure you have enough cash for a return flight in case things don´t work out as well as expected.

Summer season in Magaluf and Palma Nova

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If you are planning to work your first summer season in Magaluf, you need to arrive in plenty of time to get a good chance of employment.

The summer season doesn´t really hot up until late June/beginning of July, when the majority of tourists start to arrive. Plan to arrive in Mallorca between the end of March and mid-April, so that you are in Magaluf or Palmanova in time for Easter, which is also a busy time for bars, restaurants and hotels. If you are planning to work in a Magalluf club, they don´t usually open until May, so there would be no point arriving before then.

The best way to find a job in Magaluf or Palmanova is to book a cheap package deal in a hotel or hostel, so at least you have some accommodation to start with, and go to all the bars and clubs in the area to apply for work.  Don´t wait for jobs to be advertised or you will face competition from hundreds of other applicants.

 Be proactive and ask everyone you meet if they know of any jobs.  Don´t spend all your days on the beach and all your nights out clubbing, or you will have no job and nowhere to stay after your fortnight is up. There will be plenty of time to enjoy yourself once you are working.

How to get a job in Magaluf or Palma Nova

You don´t need to be Einstein to get a job in Magaluf, Majorca, but you do need to work hard.

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Magalluf is a fun, happening resort, and employers are more likely to take you on if you are friendly, confident, polite and hard-working.  A good sense of humour will also go a long way towards securing you a summer job in Magalluf.  Always be willing to learn and offer to work flexible hours.

If you are only in Magaluf for the all-night clubbing and copious amounts of booze, working in this lively resort is probably not for you. No employer wants rude or bad-tempered employees, who turn up for work when they feel like it.

Apply for jobs in Magalluf before you travel, and try to arrange several interviews for when you arrive.  Any employer worth his salt will want to meet you before offering you a job in Magalluf, so prepare properly for the interview and tell the employer how you can benefit the business.

What to do when you arrive in Magalluf Majorca

Make an effort to meet as many people as possible when you arrive in Magalluf.  Some of them will know the resort much better than you, and will probably already be working in the town. Ask plenty of questions about the best places to work and where jobs may be available.

Make your own mind up about the places you are applying for work. People will always tell you different stories about work conditions and wages, but find out for yourself before making any decisions.

 Get as much information as possible about working hours, wages and the different types of jobs available. You may find yourself doing a job you never even knew existed until you arrived in Magalluf.  Be open to new ideas, and don´t be afraid to of breaking new ground.

 Use the Shagalluf forum to ask about other people´s experiences of working in Magalluf and Palmanova, Mallorca.

Speaking Spanish and jobs in Majorca

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You don´t have to speak Spanish to work in Magalluf or Palmanova, but it helps. Try to learn a few phrases before your interview, as this will impress the employer, and possibly help you to get a better position, such as a receptionist in a club.

Spanish people will also respect you more if you are seen to make an effort, and can say a few words in their language. If you learn a bit of the lingo, you can also tell when someone´s talking about you!

Type of jobs in Mallorca

dj work

 The main jobs available to you during summer in Magalluf, Palmanova and Majorca include:  bar tender in clubs or pubs, waiter or waitress, chef or kitchen porter, DJ, dancer or hotel chambermaid.

It is worth noting that new laws have been introduced in the Calvia region, stating that no establishment is allowed to have PRs or podium dancers out on the streets.

If you are looking for hotel reception work, you will probably be required to speak Spanish or at least one other European language, and have attended an interview or gone through a training course.

If you´re not looking for a life-time career in Magalluf, but simply want to have a blast, and earn some cash in the sun for a few months, working in a bar or club is probably the best option for you.

Experience helps but it is not essential. Most importantly, show willing, initiative and a good sense of humour at your interview, and the job should be yours.

Hours and wages for Magalluf jobs


Don´t expect to be paid high wages in Magalluf. The hours will be long but you will reap the rewards if you are prepared to work hard. Bar work is quite poorly paid, but you can make up your salary with big tips during the summer season.

Depending on experience and the place of work, DJs and professional dancers are usually paid quite well.

Wages in pubs and clubs are normally €40 to €50 per night, and are usually paid nightly or weekly. Don´t expect a contract, and don´t expect to get paid if you are ill or skiving.

 If you are lucky enough to be given a contract, you will be entitled to free healthcare under the Spanish National Health System, and you may be able to claim unemployment benefit if/when your contract is not renewed.

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