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Party Drugs

Party Drugs Magalluf
Avoid party drugs in Magaluf

Party Drugs MagallufWe are all guilty of overindulging on holiday. Eating and drinking too much for two weeks of the year won´t have lasting effects, but taking drugs on holiday can affect you for life. Not only is it illegal to take so- called party drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy, plus marijuana and hash in Magaluf, Mallorca, but it can also be life threatening. Please enjoy Magaluf responsibly, and don´t let party drugs use you this summer.

Poppers, Ecstasy, Ketamine and LSD

The nightclub scene, along with rave parties and dance parties, are often linked with poppers, ecstasy and ketamine, which are taken into clubs by patrons.

Party Drugs MagallufPoppers, otherwise known as amyl nitrate usually trades under the names of Liquid Gold, Ram, Thrust, Rock Hard and TNT, and are also known as rush. Poppers come in a clear bottle or tube in liquid form, and the powerful vapours are breathed in, which gives an immediate rush of blood to the brain. An intense feeling of euphoria lasting only a couple of minutes is followed by intense dizziness, which can cause you to fall over and hurt yourself -not ideal in a nightclub. After effects include severe headaches and skin problems around the nose. If you have anaemia, glaucoma or heart problems, using poppers can have fatal consequences.

Party Drugs MagallufEcstasy is a stimulant which produces a feeling of well-being and makes the user feel relaxed and confident in social situations. Effects can last up to six hours, but after use the individual can feel irritable, depressed, anxious or have memory problems. Closely associated with clubbers, ecstasy can give the individual massive boosts of energy on the dance floor. Ecstasy increases the heart rate and blood pressure and it can, and often does lead to heart problems and strokes, caused by dehydration. The toxic effects of ecstasy can include: blood clotting and multiple organ failure caused by high body temperature.
Party Drugs MagallufKetamine is said to allow users to dance longer and more vigorously, and works as a weird stimulant at low dosage. Medium to high dosages of the drug, however, cause psychedelic effects, which endanger the user.
High dosages of ketamine can actually render the user paralysed, cause delirium, amnesia and high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to accidents and death.

Party Drugs MagallufLSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and is the most powerful conscious-altering substance known to man. Producing hallucinations, there is no way of knowing if the ´trip´ will be good or bad before taking LSD. The drug increases heart-rate and blood pressure and causes insomnia and tremors. Users can also feel paranoid or anxious while under the influence of LSD, but other effects can be far worse. LSD users invariably experience flashbacks to previous trips, which can continue for up to 12 months, and they can experience severe depression or schizophrenia as a result.

Marijuana and Hash

Party Drugs MagallufOften referred to as soft drugs, marijuana and hash can have some particularly hard effects when taken regularly over a long period of time. Causing relaxation and drowsiness, cannabis can also make users nervous and paranoid, plus affect short-term memory and co-ordination. Used over a long time, cannabis can irritate the user´s respiratory system and lead to bronchitis and lung cancer. Difficulty concentrating is another long term effect, and habitual use of cannabis also leads to the chronic mental illness, schizophrenia.

Cocaine use and abuse

Party Drugs MagallufCocaine abuse is one of the most common causes of drug-related illness and addiction among young people in Europe today, and can prove fatal. Cocaine can cause heart attacks and seizures almost immediately, and if taken in a hot, busy nightclub the chances of overheating and suffering a seizure are greatly increased.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs on the street, and although it is a class A drug, and illegal throughout most of the world, it is still far too easily available in Europe. We feel that the best way to get through to cocaine users is to explain more about this highly addictive drug, which can cause you serious harm.

Risks and effects of cocaine use

Effects and risks of cocaine use and abuse include:

  • Users of cocaine will often suffer flu-like symptoms, particularly after a night of over-indulgence.
  • Cocaine gives takers a feeling of over-confidence, which often results in unnecessary risks and subsequent accidents.
  • The ´high´ from coke and crack cocaine doesn´t last for long, and once you start to feel the effects subside, you are likely to crave more of the drug.
  • High doses of cocaine and crack cocaine raise the body´s temperature and can cause convulsions and heart failure, which can prove particularly dangerous in a clubbing environment. The risk of overdosing on cocaine is heightened when it is taken with a combination of alcohol and/or sedatives.  Crack and cocaine users can easily die from overdoses.
  • Users of cocaine who have high blood pressure or a heart condition are particularly at risk. One of the major dangers of cocaine use is that young people may not even know they have a pre-existing heart condition until they have taken too much coke, and could then suffer a heart attack or a seizure.
  • Expensive and dangerous, the more you take cocaine, the more you will crave it, and before long you will develop an unsustainable habit which could kill you.
  • Using cocaine after drinking a lot of alcohol is particularly dangerous as the toxins increase in your body. The same happens when cocaine is taken along with other drugs.

Deaths among clubbers are not unheard of, and most medical emergencies that occur at raves are caused by heat stroke, bought on by excessive drug use and dehydration. Using drugs is bad enough on your own doorstep, but using drugs on holiday in Magaluf or any other holiday destination, when you are miles from home and out of your comfort zone can have some devastating effects.

How pure are drugs on the street?

Party Drugs MagallufApart from the long term effects of cocaine abuse, short-term effects can also cause illness and death. Cocaine and other party drugs or dance drugs are commonly cut, or mixed, with sugar or starch before it goes on sale. However, unscrupulous dealers may cut the drug with animal medication or even household cleaning products.  In turn the user will become ill almost straight away, and inhalation of the drug may even cause a heart attack.

Don´t give in to peer pressure at home or on holiday, and stay clean. Drug abuse in Magaluf, Mallorca, or anywhere else in the world, may not just ruin your holiday, it could ruin your life.

Be smart and enjoy Magaluf responsibly!

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