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Working in Magaluf FAQ

Information on jobs and accommodation for workers in Magaluf

Thinking of coming over to look for a job in Magaluf or Palma Nova? Don’t know where to start? Well you are not alone. Every year thousands of young people spend their whole summer working hard and playing harder in Majorca’s number one holiday resort.
Magaluf is a resort that needs huge volumes of workers from the UK every year to staff the bars, clubs and tourist spots. Many people come back year after year to work but every year there are positions available for new, enthusiastic people who are willing to work hard.

On this page you will answers to some of the most commonly asked question by people that want to find summer work in one of the bars or clubs in Magaluf or Palma Nova.

It is especially essential reading for people who plan to come and work in Magaluf for the first time. Our Workers FAQ is written by the Workers for the Workers:

Working in Magaluf and Palma Nova Frequently Asked Questions

How should I go about it? How do I get started? Workers discount
When is the best time to come over to get a job? Do I need experience?
How much will I get paid? Do I need to speak Spanish?
Do I get paid on a commission basis? Spanish bank account
When will I get paid? Will I need health insurance?
Accommodation!!!!! Other options
What Hours will I work?

How should I go about it? How do I get started?

The best advice we can give to all of you is book a 1 or 2 week holiday and if you are serious about working then have like a 3 or 4 day holiday, as the jobs come and go nightly. You do not want to be left short because you were ‘on holiday’.

Accommodation will take at best 24 hours to sort out, so make sure you have a job before you sort out accommodation. If you do not get a job and live in workers accommodation, you will lose your deposit etc if you choose to go home.

You should have enough money in the bank to pay for a deposit on a place €600-1000 (between you) and then enough for emergencies, getting home unexpectedly, loss of job, illness etc or other reasons you can’t work.

You should ask around for work, all the workers are very helpful, as everyone will remember what it is like the first day of the first season so they will help you find work and accommodation, because they were so grateful of the help they received when they were in your position, so just ask about for jobs.

We recommend not to go in groups as they won’t have jobs for you all, unless you are very lucky. Pick a bar and go ask on your own, if you can’t do this then we think you have chosen the wrong job to go for.

When is the best time to come over to get a job?

Well at the very start of the season (mid march) there are not too many job going, as not many bars/clubs are open, and when places are opening they often have their staff coming back from the year before, but that does not mean there are no jobs, jobs come available from day to day as people are sacked, people go home, or they got offered another job else where etc.

So anytime during the season there will be jobs going, so whenever you want to get over and start living the dream, go for it.

How much will I get paid?

The usual starting wage for a first year in low season (march/ april /first 2 weeks in may) is €30-35. Some bars and clubs will keep you on that wage all summer unless you speak to them about your wages. If you think you are good enough for a raise then ask, they will only offer you more money if you are thinking of leaving, or you are unhappy and they want to keep you. However, most bars and clubs will put your wages up as the season goes on and then back down mid September and October.

Do I get paid on a commission basis?

Last year from what we could remember, not one bar or club paid its staff by commission, (apart from jelly shot girls and photo key ring girls, see below) it was a set wage, and this is better for you, as low season when it is quieter you can afford to eat, and high season your wages should go up anyways, then back down end of season.

Jelly shots and photo key ring jobs are commission based. You may work for just one bar, or go around a few bars doing it. You will arrange when you would like your wages, weekly nightly, or when ever you want, they are quite flexible with these staff as it is commission based.

When will I get paid?

It varies from bar to bar, some bars pay you nightly at the end of each shift. Some pay weekly on a set day i.e. Tuesday, with the cut off day being Saturday, they do this so they have a few days security before paying you so if you just leave they won’t pay you. Some places pay you a week in hand, and then pay on a set day also, and you get the 2 weeks wages end of season when you either give them a week’s notice to leave, or the bar is closing down for the winter.


Right for all you people who have the ‘I want my own room attitude’ will have to lose it right now, you have no chance, unless you don’t want to eat or drink for the summer! You usually have a choice of apartment blocks, no point in listing them because they won’t mean much to you right now. Depending on where you want to live, magaluf strip (recommended, because it is more fun and no hassle to crawl home at 7am!)

You will usually pay in the region of €60-90 a week for your rent, it all depends on how many people you want to cram into your apartment. All the 3 bedroom ones will go pretty early and then the 2 bed ones, so if you want a fine choice of accommodation then early is the way, but usually you will have to pay a months rent for your deposit up front. (If you are good i.e. not smash the place up, and don’t move out until the end of the season, you will get it back, or by any other terms set out in the contract.

We would advise to get a friend who can speak Spanish to go over the contract with you, as you need to remember you’re putting your signature on a legally binding document!) There will be a months rent (or weeks) rent up front then weekly/ monthly thereafter pending on what you agree with the landlord.

Our recommendation is to pay at first for an odd number of days, like 10etc, so then it fits round when you get paid from your job, so say rent day is the day after pay day for example so then you never miss a payment!

What Hours will I work?

This all depends on what type of job you want to do

  • PR for bar 9pm-3am
  • PR for club (MCP) 10.30pm-4am
  • PR for club (BCM) 1.30pm-5pm/9pm-1.30pm
  • Bar work (usually) 8pm-4.30am (although you may be asked to do some day staff, they usually have set day staff working but you may be required to come in early on some nights etc, as like any bar work, you finish when the bar is tidy)
  • Jelly shots/ key rings (usually) from 9pm-3/4am think it is up to you after 3am, because if you want the money etc

Workers discount

This is the best bit! Right, you get yourself several types of workers discount from pubs and clubs.

The MCP workers card which in 2004 was €10 for 2 months, and in 2005 it was €20 for 6 months or €12 for 3 months, so this may change for the summer of 2006. Last year you had to go to one of the various MCP clubs (changed nightly!) with a form from your manager signed and then you paid for your card, this MCP card entitled you to free entry to the MCP clubs and discounted drinks, it is also valid in most bars, although some last year started their own cards.

BCM have a workers card too, it is given to you free of charge and then you get entry to the club for €10 on normal nights or €6 for workers parties. Again this may change, but this was the same in 2004 so….

Do I need experience?

If you have it from another resort, good, but we can’t see it making too much of a difference. When you go around all the bars and clubs asking if they have any jobs available (best time to go looking for jobs is 9pm as it is relatively quiet, compared to midnight and the PR managers will be available to speak to you) unless they have a staffing crisis they will more than likely ask you to come back tomorrow for a ‘trial’, this is a night of unpaid work to see if you are good at your job, and also for many of you will have never done anything like this before so it is also a way for you to see if you do indeed want to do this for six months. All PR jobs will let you drink on the job, although in moderation or a limit may be set, I advise you stick to this if you want to keep your job, trust me getting too drunk you forget what you have to do and try and do other things ;)

Do I need to speak Spanish?

If you can speak fluent Spanish then it won’t really matter, but one great skill to have.

If you plan to spend a few years there and want managerial jobs we recommend that whilst you are there learn it. It’s the best opportunity you will have to learn the language. All the bar owners and locals speak a very good standard of English as they have to deal with us for 6 months of the year. If you try and speak to them in Spanish they will help you when you are slightly wrong with pronunciation etc.

Spanish bank account

Although these are not essential they are handy to have to save up your money (lol) and to have a secure place to keep your money. You will not be given credit or overdraft or anything, but you will need to know your address (they have to send you bank book/cards etc) so ask your landlord, or bar owner if you can use theirs.

Nearly all the banks will have people in them that speak English so do not worry about that. You will have to learn how to use the cash machines in Spanish but you get used to it and can just use trial and error, or just ask someone to write down what ‘withdrawal’ etc means in Spanish. You will need about €100 to open an account, but will be able to take that out if you need to, and be careful you don’t get an account that charges you a month to have it.

Will I need health insurance?

The system for travel insurance has now changed, it is no longer E1/11 but a new European health card, for more information on this can be found at:

We would recommend having contents insurance for your belongings, not saying that you will need it but it is better to be safe than sorry, accidents do happen and there are occasional break ins, but no more so than living in the UK.

You also get a Spanish NIE number when you sign you working contract, this entitles you to free health care at the Spanish NHS hospitals, you need your NIE card and your passport, but just be careful as some doctors/ dentists will charge, the hospital is located in Santa Ponca, about €7 in a taxi from magaluf strip, and this is free.

Other options?

If you have no experience or just don’t like going on your own, and don’t want to waste your money by just going on holiday and hope for the best then check out The International Bartender Academy.

It runs a two week training course that includes accommodation, and a 85% chance of getting a job.

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