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Magaluf Tunes

Magaluf Tunes

Magaluf, located in the south west part of the Island of Majorca (Mallorca), makes a perfect option for that clubbing holiday. That is, if you are looking for tunes and a good time day or night.

It’s one of those places where some of the best tunes have been created, remixed, sampled and performed live by the artists themselves on many occasions. We would say there is more different styles of  music played in Magalluf than in many other places.

Your holiday to the resorts of Magalluf and Palma Nova in the summer months won’t disappoint you, there is a tune for everyone in Mallorca.

Magalluf has tune for everyone

Magaluf Club ImagesIn the bars and clubs in Magalluf, they play house music, party tunes, old skool, chill out and indie. RnB is still popular among the many Magalluf party people and you will find a few places that will play these tunes all night long.

You will find a lot of top DJs in Magaluf, such as Des Mitchell (welcome to the dance), Judge Jules (BBC1), DJ Sammy (Spain/Ibiza), Dave Pierce and Tim Westwood (Radio 1) and Ian Redman (Clubland UK) just to name a few in the bigger clubs. They are most likely to rotate in the summer, so check closer to the date to see who is playing where.

All throughout the summer we will keep you updated with the top 5 of Funky House, RnB and Dance put together by the DJs of Magaluf.

Resident DJs

Magaluf DJ interviewsMagalluf and Palma Nova offers a great nightlife, with so many bars and clubs to choose from, all bringing their best offers, deals and entertainment.

But what would the place be like with out the resident DJs that bring you the latest top tunes, plays your requests and takes you right back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and of course the 90’s.

What do most of you remember from your holidays…of course music, that specific tune you danced to all night and you had the best time of your life.

Here at we introduce you to some of these so called Resident DJs of Magalluf and Palma Nova.

The ones that have made so many peoples holiday by playing some great tunes.

Magaluf resident DJs

Click images above to read more about the resident DJs in Magalluf

Most of the DJs are true professionals that travel the world over and play at many nightclubs and bars. Many of them enjoy the island of Majorca and combine their work with pleasure, and stay here for a few months playing in the local bars and clubs in the resorts of Magalluf and Palma Nova before they are on their travels once again to play at other fun places.

You also find the true resident DJ here in the resorts, the ones that live here permanently and work full time as a DJ or play just a few hours of the day, living the life in Mallorca!

From funky house to the party tunes, Magalluf is truly having it, make sure to live it!

Exclusive Interviews

Magaluf DJsHere is our section of interviews held with Professional DJs that have or still are working the scene and will travel to far locations around the globe to bring the awaiting crowd the latest tunes fresh out of the sound studios, mixed with their own style to absolute perfection.

Most still carry their vinyls as first choice even though we do see that the music CD and DVD have settled in and some even use a laptop as it makes easier for traveling and storing the tremendous amount of songs needed for different parties planned during their tour.

The professional Deejay works mostly at the bigger clubs and parties, he/she will be announced as the Guest DJ of the evening and will normally perform during the peak hours of the club.

Most will play at different locations during one night moving quickly from one club to the next driven by either their personal drivers or their friends, some even fly over to Ibiza after having played here in Mallorca, just to be in time for the late session or the first After Party that’s about to commence.

Click below for the exclusive DJ interviews!

Top tunes played in Magalluf and Palma Nova

Magaluf Top TunesWhat’s hot and what is not, here at we bring you every month the top tunes played in Magalluf and Palma Nova. We have printed a list that is put together each month by the resident DJs of the two Holiday resorts. They know what to play and when to play it! Most will even try and predict which tune will be the summer classic this time around. We here at will be leaving that up to you this time.

More information on how you can vote on the Magalluf Tune of the Year towards the end of the summer season. Bookmark us now!

You will be surprised on the variety played and requested in the bars and clubs. It varies from the silly party tune to the latest upcoming dance hits to some foreign funky tune with a title name you can not even spell.

Here are some of the top tunes that are being played  in the  bars and clubs of       Magaluf and Palma Nova!


  • Pitbull – Shut it Down
  • Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul –  Do You Remember
  • Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body
  • Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake – Carry Out
  • Timbaland ft. Katy Perry – If We ever Meet Again
Dance Funky

  • David Guetta – Memories
  • Sidney Samson – Riverside Mother*******
  • Snoop dog Vs Snap – Rythmn is a Gangsta, Djs from Mars Bootleg
  • David Guetta ft. Will.I.Am – On the Dance floor
  • George Lamond – Don’t Stop Believing
Magaluf Party Tunes

  • Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
  • Sugababes – Wear My Kiss
  • Alexandra Burke – Broken Heels
  • Briney Spears – 3
  • Spankers – Sex on the Beach Paolo Ortelli, Degree Edit

DJ Equipment

Magalluf DJ EquipmentEvery man needs his tools so does the Professional DJ that performs night after night.
In the past all the DJ needed was his bag of vinyl’s, a set of headphones and if needed for the occasion a microphone would be added to his already heavy luggage. The bar or club where the DJ is booked supplies the decks and other installations needed to make up the complete system.Read more…

DJ Gallery

Magalluf DJ Gallery
Here a mixture of photos from the Djs, those who work the party scene in Magaluf and Palmanova. The images have been snapped on various locations including the boat parties, bars, nightclubs and open air events. All photos have been taken by the Shagalluf Team.

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